HIPAA and Data Privacy Training

HIPAA and Data Privacy Training

After your privacy coordinator assigns you training, you should receive an e-mai­l instructing you to go to myU and complete the training modules.

Students will find the training information on their my Academics & Career page, and for faculty and staff this will appear on the my Work Life page. Included in this information are links to each assigned training module, along with its completion status and deadline (if not completed).

After you complete a training module, you should receive a confirmation e-mail, and the completion status should change in myU. This typically happens on the day following your completion. If you are a University employee, the completed training modules will appear in your personal training record the following day.

The training links and completion status will remain in myU for 180 days after you have completed all of the training modules, allowing you optionally to review the material. The information may disappear from myU sooner than that if your privacy coordinator chooses to archive your training history before the 180 days have elapsed.

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