Link-Up Program

Link-Up Mentor Program

In 2010, a new campus-wide undergraduate program, Link-Up, began to help first-year and transfer students become acclimated to the U. We are looking for students, mentors and mentees, who are interested in an exciting and rewarding experience.  You'll be matched with someone in your college who shares your priorities as a student related to academics, social involvement, campus engagement and identity. 

To apply to be a mentor (at least second year on campus), please click here and complete the application form.  We will be in touch soon with information on training and next-steps.  

To apply to be a mentee please click here (first-year student or new transfer student) and complete the application form.  We will be in touch soon with information the next-steps.

Due to the incredibly warm weather this month, Link-Up is changing our February event from ice skating to roller skating!

Movie Event!
Date: April 14th
Time: 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm
Where: St. Anthony Main Theater
Transportation: Carpooling is provided, and it is also within walking distance of campus
Cost: Admission: $6 with student ID

This is the second to last event- you NEED to attend at least one event as part of your commitment! This is a fun and easy one! Who doesn't like to go to movies?!

Please RSVP to if you are interested in coming, so we can determine how many drivers we will need!

Note: If you have been paired this can count as a monthly meeting

Mission Statement: Provide for a better college experience by establishing a positive, meaningful relationship for both mentor and mentee. Through engagement help mentee feel comfortable in an unfamiliar environment by guiding him/her in the adjustment to a new lifestyle. Students opening their minds to a new side of campus life.

Link-Up: Lead and Learn

*This program is run by students and supported by the Office for Student Engagement and the College of Liberal Arts

Mentor Expectations

  • Must be in at least 2nd year at the U of M
  • An academic school year commitment
  • Attend a training session before first meeting with mentee
  • Meet with mentee twice in the first month and once a month after
  • Be comfortable initiating communication with mentee
  • Must e-mail feedback after each meeting
  • Attend at least one of the programs planned activities
  • Maintain a healthy balance as a leader and a friend
  • Enjoy the program as a learning experience, not as a recruiting method
  • Have fun!

Mentee Expectations

  • Meet with mentor twice in the first month and at least once a month after that
  • An academic school year commitment
  • Attend at least one of the programs planned activities
  • Keep an open mind
  • Show respect and trust for mentors
  • Have fun!

Carlson School of Managment, University Honors Program and the International Buddies Program also provide mentoring programs specifically for their students. Be sure to check out those programs as well! 

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