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Ida's MCTL Web Resources (and workshop handouts)

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Resources for Multicultural Teaching and Learning h...
Annotated Bibliography of Resources for Multicultural Teaching and Learning includes (a) an electronic pathfinder offering resources on foundational readings, on multicultural course design, on building assignments, on student development, and on using web resources for searching out additional multicultural teaching and learning resources and (b) a link to the yearly teaching follows' grant funding program.
Issues and Insights Occasional Papers http://tinyur...
An initial collection of Issues and Insights Papers, each of which explores a topic related to multicultural teaching and learning and incorporates resources along with discussion of teaching strategies. Papers in this series is written by instructional staff teaching assistants (graduate and undergraduate), lecturers, advisors, student affairs personnel, professional and administrative staff, and faculty who are part of the University of Minnesota teaching community and who have been invited to share insights they have gained in pursuing questions, concerns, topics, issues related to multicultural teaching and learning. CTL will begin publishing new paper during Summer 2009.
"Multicultural Teaching and Learning Resources for Preparing Future Faculty in "Teaching in Higher Education" Courses, A Review Essay"  Download me! Download
From New Directions for Teaching and Learning, Issue #111, focusing on Multicultural Teaching and Learning. Electronic links to published articles available to UM faculty, staff, students through the University Libraries' web site.
Offical Website of Dr. Stephen Brookfield http://ww...
Here you'll find slides from presentations related to Brookfield's teaching focused books -- The Skillful Teacher, Becoming a Critically Reflective Teacher, and Discussion as a Way of Teaching (with Stephen Preskill) -- as well as excerpts of the books articles and about Brookfield's four-lens approach to reflective teaching, to developing a scholarly teaching practice. Brookfield currently is a distinguished professor at The University of St. Thomas (St. Paul, Minnesota).
"Now Why Would a Student Say That?" Workshop Handouts  Download me! Download
EEB workshop: Cases & Resources  Download me! Download
EEB workshop: Classroom Climate  Download me! Download
Developing & Documenting Multicultural Teaching and Learning -- Workshop Handouts  Download me! Download
Creating a GLBTQA Friendly Climate Across the Curriculum: Workshop Handouts  Download me! Download
Rochester Teaching and Diversity PwrPt  Download me! Download
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