St. Paul Dining

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Places to eat on the St. Paul campus

Restaurants in the St. Paul Student Center

Options include Bene Pizza and Pasta, GrilleWorks, Greens To Go, Java City, and Subway. Details.

Residence hall

Bailey Hall on the St. Paul campus offers a selection of freshly-prepared meals and snacks for anyone--faculty, staff, students, or visitors. Daily menus and hours.

Convenience store on campus

Gopher Spot in the St. Paul Student Center

Dairy Salesroom

Located in the Andrew Boss Lab. Open to the public on Wednesdays. Details.

Farmers market

On Gortner Ave., north of Greenhouses, 4-6 p.m. on Thursdays.  Operated by the Student Organic Farm.

Campus neighborhood

Cleveland Ave. (directly west of campus)

  • Bascalis Brick Oven.  1552 Como Ave., 651-645-6617.
  • Loris Coffee House.  1441 Cleveland Ave. N., 651-647-9007.
  • Mims Cafe.  1435 Cleveland Ave. N., 651-646-0456.

St. Anthony Park (southwest of campus, 6-8 blocks)

  • Abu Nader Deli and Grocery.  2095 Como Ave., 651-647-5391.
  • Dunn Brothers Coffee.  2264 Como Ave., 651-645-1798.
  • Finnish Bistro.  2264 Como Ave., 651-645-9181.
  • Lady Elegants Tea Room. 2230 Carter. Ave., 651-645-6676.
  • Muffuletta.  2260 Como Ave., 651-644-9116.
  • Tim and Toms Speedy Market.  2310 Como Ave., 651-645-7360.

Extended neighborhood (a short drive)

  • Brueggers Bagel Bakery.  2233 Energy Park Dr., 651-646-8632.
  • Chianti Grill.  1611 W. Larpenteur Ave., 651-644-2808.
  • Chins Kitchen.  1533 W. Larpenteur Ave., 651-646-0748.
  • Dinos Gyros.  1670 Snelling Ave. N., 651-645-8800.
  • Hampden Park Coop.  928 Raymond Ave., 651-646-6686.  More info.
  • Jimmy Johns.  1557 W. Larpenteur Ave., 651-647-1999. 
  • Nelson Cheese and Deli.  1562 Como Ave., 651-647-1288.  More info.
  • Parkview Cafe.  930 Raymond Ave., 651-646-8957.
  • Pho 79 Restaurant.  2233 Energy Park Dr., 651-644-2327.
  • Pizza Hut.  1650 Snelling Ave. N., 651-646-6553.
  • Shanghai Market.  1546 Como Ave., 651-646-6181.

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