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Consortium on Fostering Interdisciplinary Inquiry

Fostering Interdisciplinary Inquiry: A Fall 2008 Invitational Conference and Creation of a New Multi-Institutional Consortium

Advances in interdisciplinary research and teaching are critical to producing workable solutions to many of society’s most pressing problems.  "Fostering Interdisciplinary Inquiry: An Invitational Conference" will focus on policies and practices of academic institutions and is intended to foster institutional cooperation among the nation’s top research universities, public and private, and to expand understanding of both opportunities and challenges in advancing interdisciplinary research, academic programs, teaching, and training.  A key goal of the conference is to create a consortium for interdisciplinary transformation that will continue to advance progress on these important issues.

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Project Timeline


CFII Brochure  Download me! Download
NSF Evaluation of the Initial Impact of IGERT grants  Download me! Download

Contact Information

Charlotte Voight
Assistant Director, Office of Interdisciplinary Inquiry
The Graduate School
University of Minnesota
302A Johnston Hall
101 Pleasant Street SE
Minneapolis, MN  55455


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